Bridal Bouquet Pressing & Preservation - Process + FAQs

Turning your fresh occasion flowers into everlasting art.

Let us take your flowers from any of your life's special moments, and press & preserve them into framed art that you can cherish forever.

Summary of Pressing Service

We take your special flowers, choose the ones in the best condition and deconstruct each stem. We then place them into a press for 4-6 weeks. They are carefully removed, reconstructed and hand-designed in our Parched studio (exclusive to couples Canada-wide). This process is a labour of love, so because of the time, care, and attention required, the entire process takes up to 4 months.

The Process


In advance of your wedding or special event, we strongly suggest making a reservation for your pressing to guarantee a spot. You can reserve your drop-off date directly on our website here, by selecting your preferred frame, picking a drop-off or ship out date and completing a deposit.


If your date is available, it will allow you to select a drop off date/time, Mon-Wed after your wedding. If the date is greyed out, that means your wedding weekend is sold out and we can not accommodate your booking. We are happy to refer you to another local artist or add you to our wait-list if you email


Immediately after leaving your deposit you will receive a receipt and confirmation of your booking date time to your email provided. Following that, you will receive a contract/questionnaire from us to fill out. This is required within three days of receipt. We may return your deposit and release your date should the agreement not be returned within that time frame. 


After we receive your client contract and questionnaire, we will send you shipping or drop off instructions depending on what option you select. After that you won't hear from us again until a few days or so before your wedding date. We will reach out with a reminder for keeping your bouquet fresh, for the drop-off, or for posting your bouquet.  It is best to arrange for the bouquet to be with us as soon as possible after the wedding/event (5 days max.) and to keep it in fresh water changed daily until then. We are happy to work directly with your event planner/coordinator should you have one.


Once we receive your bouquet we will take pictures, label and document everything so that all is kept organized and safe and sound. We will then hand select the flowers and greenery in the best condition to preserve. The unused flowers in good condition will be tagged and hung to dry naturally and will be included in your package when your final product is ready for you (local pick up only). If shipping, leftover bouquet stems will not be included but can be sent in small box separately if requested (additional shipping charges will apply).


Once we've received the bouquet, the drying process begins. This process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, depending on the flowers and foliage in the bouquet. We use a 


Once the drying process is complete, we will begin designing the layout of your frame and will send you a mockup based on the layout preference you select in your questionnaire. We ask that you respond promptly at this time as we can not keep your flowers out and exposed to air for very long.


Because the pressing process is time consuming and there are peak months during wedding season, the process can take up to 4 months in total. Upon completing, we will be in touch to arrange for final payment. An invoice will be emailed to you with your preserving order (including any ordered upgrades and the remaining balance, less the reservation cost. Payment in full is required prior to you collecting your order. Once this payment has been received, we will arrange for pick-up or postage (shipping cost not included) of the frame, accordingly.


Do I need a reservation or can I book last minute?

A reservation is our preferred option to ensure we are available to preserve your bouquet. We also understand that preserving may be a last minute decision. It is very rare that we would ever want to say no, however your reservation will give you priority in the queue. We will book in last-minute requests based on availability. 

How and when do I get my bouquet to you?

At this time, this service is only offered Canada-wide. It is best to arrange for the bouquet to be with us as soon as possible after the wedding/event (two or three days max.) and to keep it in fresh water and in refrigeration until then. We are happy to work directly with your event planner/coordinator should you have one.

Options for drop-off:

  • Hand-delivered (Ancaster) by you or your event planner/friend/family
  • Post (we accept Canada-wide shipments - must be overnight or 2 day). We will send you detailed shipping guide/ instructions.

Will my art piece look like a replica of my bouquet?

Due to the natural drying process of flowers it is expected for flowers to change colour tone, which is unavoidable. Just the same if you were to hang your fresh bouquet for drying, you would see the change in colour as they dried out.

White flowers tend to go more ivory/yellow, the pink flowers have the tendency to change to a mauve shade and the peachy colour flowers become pinker. You will need to consider the colour changes as the flowers will no longer be the exact match to your bouquet once dried.

When clients deliver their bouquets to Parched Floral, we select which florals to press by hand selecting the best from the bunch for our customized pieces. That's when we get the great pleasure of designing a unique piece of handcrafted artwork. 

There are some flowers that do not press well (see next question), but we get pretty creative when it comes to getting most if not all types of flowers/foliage from your bouquet into the frame.

Can you press all flowers?

Because we deconstruct all of the stems, we are able to press a greater number of flowers that typically wouldn’t work well in a press. With that being said, there are some we just can't press, but will let you know which stems were omitted if any.

Are preservatives added or colour enhancements made?

No, we use the traditional drying technique of wood presses, so no enhancements or chemicals are used. We love the beauty and changes that naturally occur throughout the flower's life. 

Do I get to choose my frame?

We have beautiful solid wood frames that come in white, natural, walnut and black for you to choose from. You also have the option to change to double glass/floating frame with UV protective glass at an additional cost.

  • The frames are made of FSC-certified oak wood and come with a protective 1.5 mm crystal clear plexiglass, guaranteed to be shatterproof.
  • As this is a natural wood, please note that the colour of the oak may vary slightly from photos.
Width of frame: 0.6 inch/ Depth of Frame: 0.8 inch
Why plexiglass instead of glass?
We're glad you asked! When it comes to floral frames, plexiglass is best! It is slightly flexible, giving us more options for your design requests, it's lighter (cheaper on shipping so passes on savings to you if you are out of town), and easier to hang! It's more durable and is shatterproof (safer for you, littles and your irreplaceable flowers if it falls)!
How do I choose the design?
There are different layout options for you to choose from, and you will be asked to select your preference when you fill out the post-booking questionnaire. Because this is an art form, outside of the type of layout you choose, we will take the creative lead in how florals are placed.

Can you frame already dried flowers?

We do not offer shadow-box options, but will be releasing a new service soon that involves re-hydrating already dried bouquets and pressing them.

What if I am not happy with the way my pressed flowers turned out?

We REALLY hope that's never the case, and will of course do everything in our power to make the art piece your favourite frame you own! With that said, florals are of course natural products, therefore, they may have perfect 'imperfections' and we see this as the beauty of nature and will not accept any returns due to these reasons. The condition in which we receive your bouquet in is the biggest factor of how well the flowers press. 

Is shipping costs included in the price of the service?

No. Because bouquets are being shipped from all over Canada, shipping rates vary. If you choose to ship your bouquet to us, there are a few packing items you will need (under $10) and you will be responsible for the shipping costs to get your flowers to us. Typically you can expect $25-$50 for shipping. Once your frame is ready, we will add the cost of return shipping to your final invoice ($25 flat rate).

Where can I see examples of your work?

We launched this service in Summer 2022 so check out our Instagram Page (@parchedfloral) and follow along our journey to see real-time pressing and finished frames!

Can't I just press my own flowers?

Of course you can! In fact, we share lots of tips and examples of how we press so that you can join the pressing community should you wish! BUT when it comes to your special event flowers, you only have one shot at preserving your delicate blooms and we've spent countless hours perfecting our craft through trial and error!