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Floral Preservation - Booking/How to reserve

A reservation is our preferred option to ensure we are available to preserve your bouquet. We also understand that preserving may be a last minute decision. It is very rare that we would ever want to say no, however your reservation will give you priority in the queue. We will book in last-minute requests based on availability. 

We've made it simple and self-serve to book. Just go here to see the list of our products and add whatever frame you'd like to your cart, select your wedding date and reserve a drop-off/ship-out date and time and checkout with your deposit. You'll be sent a confirmation and booking reference that includes a link to our questionnaire and contract as well as an icalendar. The remaining balance will be invoiced to your prior to pick up!

We ask you to book a drop-off/ship-date for your reservation. This will be a weekday that follows your wedding/event. Our reservation tool only allows you to book for open timeslots, so if your date is not available then we are fully booked for that weekend. You can email us at contact@parchedfloral.ca to get on our waitlist.

getting your flowers to us (Shipping/drop-off)

It is best to arrange for the bouquet to be with us as soon as possible after the wedding/event (1-4 days max.) and to keep it in fresh water and in a cool area until then. We are happy to work directly with your event planner/coordinator should you have one.

Options for drop-off:

Hand-delivered (Ancaster) by you or your event planner/friend/family

POST - If you are shipping your flowers to us, you are required to use our detailed shipping instructions to guide you on packing your fresh flowers.

Please note, overnight express is strongly encouraged to ensure fresh delivery of your flowers. Please use FedEx cost estimator tool to preview the cost of shipping in your fresh flowers prior to purchasing.

Postal Code: L9G 2Z6

City: Ancaster, ON

We must receive your fresh flowers within 3 business days after your wedding or event date.

No. Because bouquets are being shipped from all over Canada, shipping rates vary. If you choose to ship your bouquet to us, there are a few packing items you will need (under $15) and you will be responsible for the shipping costs to get your flowers to us. Typically you can expect $35-$150 for shipping., but of course varies depending on where you live.

Once your frame is ready, we will add the cost of return shipping to your final invoice ($25).

Due to the delicate nature of flowers, at this time we can not accept flowers outside of Canada (due to possible border delays, lost in transit, etc).

Don't worry, we've got you! Once you book we'll send you detailed instructions-we promise they are pretty simple!

Lets talk flowers

Due to the natural drying process of flowers it is expected for flowers to change colour tone, which is unavoidable. Just the same if you were to hang your fresh bouquet for drying, you would see the change in colour as they dried out.

White flowers tend to go more ivory/yellow, the pink flowers have the tendency to change to a mauve shade and the peachy colour flowers become pinker. You will need to consider the colour changes as the flowers will no longer be the exact match to your bouquet once dried.

When clients deliver their bouquets to Parched Floral, we select which florals to press by hand selecting the best from the bunch for our customized pieces. That's when we get the great pleasure of designing a unique piece of handcrafted artwork. 

Because we deconstruct many of the stems, we are able to press a greater number of flowers that typically wouldn’t work well in a press. We get creative when it comes to finding away to get those beauties flat and reconstructed to fit within the frame. With that being said, there are some we just can’t press but will try and take parts of the stem to use if possible.

We use the traditional drying technique with slow pressure presses, because we love the beauty and changes that naturally occur throughout the flower's life. We do colour correct/enhance for clients where we deem necessary. Usually for white flowers, tropical flowers and some roses that are known to fade much faster than others. This will ensure that your flowers match closer to their fresh state and will increase their colour longevity. Most blooms in your frame will be left untouched, so we ask that you enjoy the colour enhancing made but also embrace the natural aging of your petals as they fade.

We will return your ribbon and bouquet trinkets. We do not return unpressed flowers, or vases.

The remaining cost of your frame, any add ons, shipping (if applicable) and HST will be invoiced to you when your frame is completed and ready to be picked up or shipped out.


When you drop off your flowers, they are documented, processed, prepped, and then they go into our presses within 24 hours and remain in them for approximately 8 weeks to ensure perfectly dry petals.

After that they are reconstructed, colour corrected and then into the design queue. You can expect to be contact by us once we are ready to work on your flowers (at around the 4-5 month mark) and your frame returned to you within +/- 6 months either by you picking it up, or by us shipping it back to you for a ($25 flat fee).

+/- 6 months

You will be sent via email provided the link to complete the questionnaire and contract once you have completed your deposit.


We accept bouquets from all over Canada

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